Dr. Kerstin Bartscherer
Tel.: +49 251 83-46846
Fax: +49 251 83-46900

CiM-Logo-standard-RGB-60 Our lab is part of the Cluster of Excellence "Cells in Motion" (CiM).


Our group will move to the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands!

We have an open position for a technician Work at the Hubrecht Institute

Suthira’s paper got published in Nature Communications – congratulations!

We are members of the new COST Action MariStem

Kerstin is a new member of the Young Academy of Europe

Kerstin has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant 2016

Stem Cells and Regeneration

Mechanisms of tissue regeneration

The regeneration of lost body parts is one of the most fascinating processes in nature. While regeneration in humans is limited, some animals undergo full tissue regeneration in response to even severe injuries. We use planarian flatworms and a mammalian model of regeneration, the African spiny mouse, to understand the secrets of successful regeneration. Both animals are capable of restoring complex tissues, such as the head in planarians and full-thickness skin and cartilage in the spiny mouse, without scarring. Additionally, by comparing related species that have different regenerative outcomes, we aim at discovering the mediators, as well as the road blocks of this process, in order to find new approaches for regenerative therapies.

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