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Mammalian Cell Signaling Laboratory

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Sebastian Königsberger, Vanessa Weis, Jan Prodöhl, Martin Stehling, Elias Hobeika, Michael Reth and Friedemann Kiefer* (2015) Suboptimal B cell antigen receptor signaling activity in vivo elicits germinal center counterselection mechanisms Eur J Immunol. 45: 603-611.

Nina Dartsch, Dörte Schulte, René Hägerling, Friedemann Kiefer* and Dietmar Vestweber (2014) Fusing VE-cadherin to a-catenin impairs fetal liver hematopoiesis and lymph, but not blood vessel formation Mol Cell Biol. 34:1634-1648

Cathrin Pollmann, René Hägerling and Friedemann Kiefer* (2014) Visualization of lymphatic vessel development, growth and function.  Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol. 214:167-186

René Hägerling, Cathrin Pollmann, Martin Andreas, Christian Schmidt, Harri Nurmi, Ralf H. Adams, Kari Alitalo, Volker Andresen, Stefan Schulte-Merker and Friedemann Kiefer* (2013) A novel multistep mechanism for initial lymphangiogenesis in mouse embryos based on ultramicroscopy. EMBO-J 32: 629-644

Sebastian Königsberger, Jan Prodöhl, David Stegner, Vanessa Weis, Martin Andreas, Martin Stehling, Theresa Schumacher, Ruben Böhmer, Ina Thielmann, Judith van Eeuwijk, Bernhard Nieswandt and Friedemann Kiefer* (2012) Altered BCR signaling quality predisposes to autoimmune disease and a pre-diabetic state. EMBO J. 31: 3363-3374.

René Hagerling, Cathrin Pollmann, Ludmila Kremer, Volker Andresen, and Friedemann Kiefer* (2011). Intravital two-photon microscopy of lymphatic vessel development and function using a transgenic Prox1 promoter-directed mOrange2 reporter mouse. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 39: 1674-1681, invited.

Brit Neuhaus, Sebastian Bühren, Barbara Böck, Frauke Alves, Wolfgang F. Vogel† and Friedemann Kiefer* (2011) Migration inhibition of mammary epithelial cells by Syk is blocked in the presence of DDR1 receptors. Cell Mol. Life Sci. 68: 3757-3770.

Irene M. Patzak, Sebastian Königsberger, Akira Suzuki, Tak W. Mak and Friedemann Kiefer* (2010) HPK1 competes with ADAP for SLP-76 binding and via Rap1 negatively affects T cell adhesion Eur. J. Immunol. 40: 3220–3225.

Ruben Böhmer, Brit Neuhaus, Sebastian Bühren, Dayong Zhang, Martin Stehling, Barbara Böck and Friedemann Kiefer* (2010). Regulation of developmental lymphangiogenesis by Syk+ leukocytes. Dev. Cell 18: 437-449.

Rüdiger Arnold, Christian R Frey, W Müller, Peter H Krammer, and Friedemann Kiefer* (2007). Sustained JNK signaling by proteolytically processed HPK1 mediates IL-3 independent survival during monocytic differentiation. Cell Death Differ14: 568-75.

Rüdiger Arnold, Irene Patzak, , Brit Neuhaus, Sadia Vancauwenbergh, André Veillette, Johan Van Lint, and Friedemann Kiefer* (2005) Activation of hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 (HPK1) involves relocation, autophosphorylation and transphosphorylation by PKD1. Mol. Cell Biol. 25: 2364-2383.

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