Heike Brinkmann


1999 - 2003    Research Technician – Imperial College, London

2000 - 2002    MSc – King’s College, London

2004 - 2006    Research assistant – St George’s Med., University of London, London

2006 - 2007    Research assistant – Sanger Institute, Cambridge

2007 - 2012    Research/Teaching Technician – Queen Mary University of London, London

2013 – 2015   Lab manager – Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz

Since 2016      Research Technician – Embryonic Self-Organization research group, MPI-MB

Research interests: mammalian development at the time of implantation


Barwell J, Pangon L, Hodgson S, Georgiou A, Kesterton I, Slade T, Taylor M, Payne SJ, Brinkman H, Smythe J, Sebire NJ, Solomon E, Docherty Z, Camplejohn R, Homfray T, Morris JR. Bi-allelic mutation of MSH2 in primary human cells is associated with sensitivity to irradiation and altered RAD51 foci kinetics. J Med Genet. 2007 May 4;   PMID: 17483304 

Brinkman H, Barwell J, Rose S, Tinworth L, Sodha N, Langman C, Brooks L, Payne S, Fisher S, Rowan A, Tomlinson I, Hodgson S. Evidence against a major genetic basis for combined breast and colorectal cancer susceptibily. Clin Genet. 2006 Dec;70(6):526-9. No abstract available.   PMID: 17100999 

Wahab NA, Brinkman H, Mason RM  Uptake and intracellular transport of the connective tissue growth factor: a potential mode of action. Biochem J. 2001 Oct 1;359 (Pt 1):89-97.  PMID: 11563972

Wahab NA, Yevdokimova N, Weston BS, Roberts T, Li XJ, Brinkman H, Mason RM, Role of connective tissue growth factor in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy. Biochem J. 2001 Oct 1;359 (Pt 1):77-87.  PMID: 11563971

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