Bioinformatics Service Unit

The Bioinformatics Service Unit offers bioinformatics support and analyses to members of the institute. In close cooperation with the IT department we also run centralised hardware infrastructure providing powerful computational resources and interactive analysis tools.

Bioinformatics Analyses

The repertoire of analyses offered by the service unit is centred primarily on sequencing data, such as those from single cell and bulk RNA-seq experiments, ChIP-, ATAC-seq, Hi-C, and more. It involves everything from precessing raw sequencing data, to analysing complex biological problems such as identifying differentially expressed genes, uncovering ligand-receptor signalling, or elucidating transcriptional regulatory networks.


We encourage institute members to consult us already in the experiment planning phase, to find experimental setups that facilitate downstream bioinformatics analyses. As such, we also work in close collaboration with the Sequencing Core Facility. Analysis results in turn can inform and suggest additional experiments, leading to a beneficial feedback loop between experiments and analyses.

Computational Infrastructure

In conjunction with the institute’s IT Service, we offer an expanding computational infrastructure to aid data analysis and exploration. We provide several web services, including an instance of Posit and a single cell analysis explorer developed in-house. Advanced users with knowledge of the command line and bioinformatics tools can get access to our powerful computational cluster, currently with a total of 216 computing cores and 1.5Tb of memory.


We run bioinformatics workshops for beginners and advanced researchers at the institute, including a primer on single cell data preprocessing, and a ChIP-seq workshop for bioinformatics novices. Given demand, plan on creating workshops on additional topics in the future.


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