BioOptics Service Unit

 BioOptics Service Unit

The mission of the “BioOptic Service“ is the support of the scientists in the institute during their work with light microscopy systems.

This task includes

  • the maintenance and care of instruments
  • training and advise of the users during acquisition and analysis of their data
  • on request, selected measurements on highly specialized systems, if training on a system would not be too demanding in relation to the measurement time
  • organization of new acquisitions and extension of existing systems

The scientists receive an introduction into the use of the instruments by the BioOptic Service, before they start their work. Additionally, I provide assistance, advise and training on specific applications.

The training of the users will lead on the one hand to assured transmission and expansion of knowhow and on the other hand to prevention of instrument damages due to maluse.

The institute is equipped with several state of the art, laser assisted microscopes that allow the analysis of multi fluorescence labeled samples. The spectrum of samples reaches from fixed material derived from tissue culture and tissue sections to living samples. Additionally, the institute is equipped with epifluorescence microscopes and instruments for special techniques.

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