Career with Kids and Caboodle

Career with Kids and Caboodle

Work on your PhD and still have a baby? For many young scientists this scenario is almost unimaginable. Who would care for your child while you are working in the lab, doing experiments for days on end or writing your dissertation?
Employees of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine don't have to worry about this. In the autumn of 2008 the institute opened a childcare facility for children under three years of age, where young parents can leave their children in the care of professional child minders during the day.

Comprehensive care - close by
The Kinderzimmer (Children’s Room) is located in the guest house of the institute near the main building. The Kinderzimmer is comprised of a group room, kitchen and bathroom, two rooms for sleeping and a little yard with a playhouse and lots of toys. The babies and small children receive a lot of personal attention: One child minder takes care of a maximum of five children; at present, two child minders care for nine boys and girls.

Who is eligible to apply for a place in the crèche?
All institute employees – both men and women – are eligible for this childcare service. It accommodates children aged 0 to 3 years. Upon request, the youth welfare office ('Jugendamt') can arrange a place in a kindergarten for older children.

Where can I apply for a place for my child?
Applications and requests for more information should be addressed to the contact persons.
To secure a place at the institute’s nursery you must apply as early as possible.
Please take into consideration that there may be waiting times.

How much does a place in the Kinderzimmer cost?
The youth welface office sets the fee the parents are levied, just as in any public childcare facility. The amount depends on the extent of the childcare and the income of the parents. More information is available in the contribution table of the youth welfare office, "Kindertagesbetreuung" (right side, infobox, "Markblatt zum Elternbeitrag").

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