Alumni activities / maxNet

Alumni activities / maxNet

The Max Planck Society employs a workforce of more than 20,000 professionals in eighty institutes, including 10,000 doctoral students, postdocs, scientific researchers and visiting scientists. Every year, new scientific researchers and scholars from all over the world take up employment at one of our institutes while others are leaving us in order take up positions in the international arena.

"Max Planck is everywhere!" We want to make use of this fact to connect alumni all over the world - regardless of where they are - by setting up a global alumni network across the scientific disciplines, a platform for sharing both professional and personal experiences.

Do you wish to stay in contact with former colleagues or develop new links? If so, you should register with maxNet, the new communication platform of the Max Planck Society.

The maxNet administrator will gladly provide a sign-up code for you. After successfully registering, you can move around freely on maxNet, search for and contact other alumni across the institutes, set up a discussion group and enter interesting events into the calendar.

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