Planck Academy

Planck Academy

Further training and personal career development for all employees in the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society offers all employees Max Planck-wide, target-group-specific opportunities for further training and personal career development. Whether special welcome and support offers for managers, coaching for directors or postdocs, professional and personal career development for early career researchers or advanced training opportunities for science managers - the Planck Academy bundles all these offers under one roof.

The Planck Academy has a clear vision: to offer all employees the opportunity to learn more about themselves, to expand and deepen what they have learned, to discover new things and to broaden their own horizons of experience. And all this in a positive working atmosphere in the spirit of the Max Planck Community.

When you are employed with ius, you will have access to the Planck Academy. Various learning, development and network formats are used, as are presence and online formats, coaching, mentoring and self-reflection tools. In the Planck Academy, presence formats are linked with virtual offerings, for example with e-learning modules, how-to videos or webinars.

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