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China’s Max Planck Center scientists unravel initial steps of iPS technology

Sox2 opens up the DNA, Oct4 takes the lead in pluripotency more

In touch with science

In touch with science

March 28, 2019

Girls’ Day at the Max Planck Institute in Münster more

Max Planck Center in China is given ‘its own four walls’

Even closer cooperation between the research groups and declaration of intent with the Chinese University of Hong Kong more

Nuclear architecture diagnostics within reach of the clinic

A new technique that allows the study of the 3D architecture of cancer genomes might help in the design of personalized treatment strategies more

Best certificate for Birthe Stegemann

Former trainee of the Max Planck Institute in Münster presented with an award by the North Westphalian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Münster’s merchants’ association more

A grain of brain

A grain of brain

November 07, 2018

Brain organoids as an alternative for animal experiments: Video and article in MaxPlanckResearch more

How two signalling pathways promote the creation of the blood-brain barrier

MTZ®-MPI-Award 2018 for Dr. Kathleen Hübner more

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