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Sara Wickström will be honored the “Innovation in Research Award” of the American Society for Cell Biology

Significant impact for the progress in advancing the field of cell biology more

Scarless wound healing: what we can learn from spiny mice

An ERK-dependent molecular switch antagonizes fibrosis and promotes regeneration more

Hammock for brain organoids

Novel microelectrode array system enables long-term culture and electrophysiological analysis more

Congress Award Münster 2023 to Professor Dr. Hans Schöler

Anniversary conference of the German Stem Cell Network GSCN and the Stem Cell Network.NRW in Münster had international appeal more

Medical Scientist Programme “InFlame”: Petra Dersch on natural scientists in medical research

Kickoff of the structured training programme for postdocs from the natural sciences to support for a specific qualification as medical scientists more

Sara Wickström is the new IMPRS spokesperson

A big "thank you" goes to the former spokesperson Dietmar Vestweber more

More than microscopes can show

More than microscopes can show

September 22, 2022

Computer simulations visualize how an essential stem cell protein opens wrapped DNA

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