Mauricio Rocha-Martins becomes new research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine

Max Planck Research Group investigates the self-correction capabilities of developing tissues more

Ralf Adams receives a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant

Promising prospects for osteoporosis research more

A balancing act: EphB4 and ephrin-B2 regulate artery formation

Low EphB4 and high ephrin-B2 levels activate the arterial programme in the vascular cells more

Next-Level Reprogramming with Super-Sox

Artificial transcription factor reprograms cells of human and different animal species with high efficiency more

Sara Wickström will be honored the “Innovation in Research Award” of the American Society for Cell Biology

Significant impact for the progress in advancing the field of cell biology more

Scarless wound healing: what we can learn from spiny mice

An ERK-dependent molecular switch antagonizes fibrosis and promotes regeneration more

Hammock for brain organoids

Novel microelectrode array system enables long-term culture and electrophysiological analysis more

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