Equal Opportunities Policy of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine

Basis of the Equal Opportunities Policy

The institute’s Equal Opportunities Policy is based on the conviction that equal opportunities for all employees are essential for the sustainability of a scientific institution. At our institute, women and men from numerous countries of origin and with sometimes very diverse social and cultural traditions are working hand in hand. In addition, they have a wide range of professional and occupational backgrounds. As a result, we employ researchers, scientific service unit, administrative, technical and IT staff as well as child-care workers. Even within the particular professional groups, diversity prevails, since, for example, the scientists working here find themselves at different stages of their careers.

Aim of the Equal Opportunities Policy

Therefore, our aim is to create a working environment that is characterised by solidarity and openness and shuns discrimination. In this way, all employees are granted equal opportunities to achieve their individual professional goals - within the limits set by the institute and taking into account that sometimes employees may not be able to implement their personal plans the way they would like to.


In 2013, the Board of Directors adopted binding rules for all members of staff intended to prevent discrimination, promote equal opportunities for women and men and to help them balance the demands of work and family life. Those rules continue to be valid.

As balancing work and family life is still not the only, but one of the major challenges to equal opportunities, numerous measures have been taken to support employees in this area. For example, babies and toddlers can be taken care of at the childcare facility next to the institute during working hours. Moreover, highly individual and flexible working hours can be arranged so that staff can look after small children or family members in need of care.

Another focus is career support, which is geared in a stepwise manner especially to the needs of all scientists at different stages of their career. Such programs are intended to teach participants skills and knowledge that may be of use at their current career level and also beneficial for successful extramural applications in science or other professional areas.

Our training program complements the courses offered by the Administrative Headquarters of the Max Planck Society in this area. For example, our PhD students can all participate in skill workshops (e.g. scientific writing, self-management, presentation techniques) run by the International Max Planck Research School Münster (IMPRS) and postdocs regularly organize Career Talks.

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