Electron microscopy facility

Electron microscopy facility

Electron microscopy visualizes the ultrastructure of cells and tissue at nanometer scale. Cell types and organelles can be identified by their characteristic morphology and are pictured in their most innate location. Localisation and distribution of certain marker molecules are assessed more precisely with immunogold labelling. Results obtained by electron microscopy are not only illustrative but can also be statistically evaluated; as a result Electron microscopy analysis became essential to strengthen the results achieved with other methods.


We offer full service for the researchers in house, which includes sample fixation and further preparation completed by elucidation at the electron microscope. Throughout the route we keep the dialogue with the scientist and assist also with interpretation and picture lay-out until the final presentation/publication image.

We offer TEM-analyses of:

  1. Conventional chemical fixed material embedded in epon-resin, ultra-thin sectioned
  2. Cryo-immuno labelled material according to the Tokuyasu-method
  3. Rotary shadowing
  4. Negative stain

We are experienced in more EM-related techniques like high pressure-freezing, electron tomography and scanning EM.

Equipment (selection)

  • 120 kV TEM
  • Two ultramicrotomes, one equipped for cryo-sectioning
  • High Pressure Freezer
  • Freeze substitution
  • Metal evaporation for C and Pt/C
  • Critical Point Dryer

Publications (selection)

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