Besides the departments, 7 research group leaders with their teams are currently established at the institute. Research groups are department-independent groups that have their own budgets - mostly with external financial resources.

Here you will find an overview of the research groups:

Dr. Kerstin Bartscherer
Stem Cells and Regeneration
Max Planck Research Group

Dr. Ivan Bedzhov
Embryonic Self-Organization
DFG Emmy Noether Group

Prof. Dr. Tobias Cantz
Stem Cell Biology / REBIRTH
REBIRTH Research Group

Prof. Dr. Wiebke Herzog
Angiogenesis Laboratory
DFG Heisenberg Group

Dr. Sebastian Leidel
RNA Biology Laboratory
Max Planck Research Group

Dr. Britta Trappmann
Bioactive Materials
Max Planck Research Group

Dr. Juan M Vaquerizas
Regulatory Genomics
Max Planck Research Group



Group leaders, who recently changed their affiliations:

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kiefer

Dr. Arndt Siekmann

Dr. Erik Storkebaum

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