Besides the departments, 4 research group leaders with their teams are currently established at the institute. Research groups are department-independent groups that have their own budgets - mostly with external financial resources.

In addition, an Emeritus Group exists: since November 1, 2021, Prof. Dr. Hans R. Schöler, together with Dr. Thomas Rauen, continues his research in the MPG White Paper Emeritus Group with a team of seven scientists.

Here you will find an overview of the research groups:

Prof. Dr. Schöler, Dr. Thomas Rauen
MPG White Paper Emeritus Group

Dr. Ivan Bedzhov
Embryonic Self-Organization
DFG Emmy Noether Group

Prof. Dr. Wiebke Herzog
Angiogenesis Laboratory
DFG Heisenberg Group

Dr. Britta Trappmann
Bioactive Materials
Max Planck Research Group

Dr. Juan M Vaquerizas
Regulatory Genomics
Max Planck Research Group



Former group leaders:

Dr. Kerstin Bartscherer

Prof. Dr. Tobias Cantz

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kiefer

Dr. Sebastian Leidel

Dr. Arndt Siekmann

Dr. Erik Storkebaum

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