PD Dr. Gabriele Bixel

PD Dr. Gabriele Bixel

Senior Staff Scientist/Scientific Administrator
Senior Lecturer (PD), Medical Faculty, University of Münster; Member of MPG LeadNet Steering Committee (2011-present), Representative of the institute’s scientific staff (06/2016-06/2022), Speaker of the BMS scientific staff representatives and Member of the Senate of the MPG (06/2019-06/2022)

Intravital two-photon imaging of the bone marrow microvasculature

Bone marrow (BM) is the principle site of postnatal haematopoiesis and requires a specialized microenvironment in the bone, the haematopoietic niche, which controls the maintenance and self-renewal of haematopoietic stem cells. Deeper insights into the functional structures of the BM and the dynamics of haematopoietic stem and progenitor cell homing strongly depend on a better understanding of the blood vessel microarchitecture and blood flow dynamics in the various types of BM vessels.

The functional organization and blood flow profile in the BM microvasculature have remained poorly understood due to technical challenges associated with in vivo high-resolution imaging in the intact bone. The key advantages of intravital two-photon imaging of the calvarium through a chronic cranial window are, besides its minimal invasiveness, the possibility of reaching high spatial and temporal resolution with imaging depths up to 300 µm, allowing the analysis of the dynamic cellular behavior in the BM compartment.

We perform direct in vivo two-photon measurements of blood flow dynamics and red blood cell (RBC) velocities at the level of individual arterial and sinusoidal vessels by capturing the motion of RBCs. Real-time imaging of multiple short vessel segments visualize the highly variable RBC flow pattern at cellular resolution, showing strong temporal and spatial fluctuations. In addition, we use repetitive center line scans to acquire additional information on blood flow velocities and flow densities in multiple vessel segments. Arterial vessels with rapid flow and laminar flow pattern connect to a complex interconnecting network of sinusoidal vessels. In these sinusoidal vessels, blood flow slows down considerably and shows a turbulent behavior. Among sinusoidal capillaries, few segments were identified with very barely any RBC flow. These BM regions are likely to be areas of low oxygen tension due to low perfusion with oxygen carrying RBCs.

Selected publications

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