Rui Chen


2012- 2016 BSc – Biotechnology, Northwest A&F University, P.R. China

2016-2018 MSc – Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, Northwest A&F University, P.R. China

Since 2018 PhD student – Embryonic Self-Organization research group. Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Muenster, Germany

Research interests: entry, maintenance and exit of suspended animation state (diapause) in mammalian embryos


Chen R, Cui Y, Zhang X, Zhang Y, Chen M, Zhou T, Lan X, Dong W, Pan C*. Chlorpyrifos Induced Testicular Cell Apoptosis through Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and Phosphorylation of AMPK. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2018, 66(47):12455-12470.

Rui Chen, Jian Du, Lin Ma, Li-qing Wang, Sheng-song Xie, Chang-ming Yang, Xian-yong Lan, Chuan-ying Pan* and Wu-zi Dong*. Comparative microRNAome analysis of the testis and ovary of Chinese giant salamander. Reproduction, 2017, 154(3):169-179.

Rui Chen, Shuai Yu, Fa Ren, Xiaoyan Lv, Chuanying Pan*. Detection of one large insertion/deletion (indel) and two novel SNPs within the SPEF2 gene and their associations with male piglet reproduction traits. Archive of Animal Breeding, 2016, 59: 275-283.

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