NRW Young Scientist Award 2012 to Michael Glatza

Master student at MPI in Münster awarded for excellent achievement

November 19, 2012

On November 19, 2012, MPI-colleague Michael Glatza has received the NRW Young Scientist Award 2012 of the NRW International Graduate School BIOTECH-PHARMA. The NRW Research Schools award on a yearly basis prizes to Master students for their contribution to an excellent publication in the respective research fields. This year, eight Master students have been awarded the NRW Young Scientist Award. The prize is bestowed with 1,500 euros. Michael Glatza is co-author of the publication "Discovery of inhibitors of microglial neurotoxicity acting through multiple mechanisms using a stem cell-based phenotypic assay" in the renowned journal Cell Stem Cell in 2012. In this work, the authors describe an innovative assay with stem cells that discovers compounds that are promising in holding up neurological disorders (see also news entry of October 11th, 2012). The award was presented to Michael Glatza in a ceremony in Düsseldorf by Professor Dr. Alexander Pfeifer, speaker of the International Graduate Research School BIOTECH-PHARMA, and Dr. Sandra Scheermesser of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of NRW. Glatza will continue his work with Dr. Jared Sterneckert in the department of Professor Dr. Hans Schöler as a PhD student starting from 2013.

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