"Putte" for Hans Schöler

The tradespeople of the Salzstraße District are honouring the Max Planck Director’s commitment to Münster

June 26, 2018

On 26 June, the tradespeople of the Salzstraße District awarded Hans Schöler, Director of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, the “Putte” (or “Cherub”) award in the presence of numerous guests at the Erbdrostenhof.

The “Putte”, a cultural distinction, may at first appear an unusual award for a natural scientist. But Matthias Lückertz, Chairman of the tradespeople of the Salzstraße District, explained that the “Putte” was awarded to Hans Schöler for his material contribution to profiling Münster as a scientific community.

In his honorific speech, Professor Thomas Sternberg not only praised Hans Schöler’s scientific achievements, but also his long-standing willingness to achieve full integration in Münster. In this context, he showed commitment to the City of Münster and became involved in many debates. As such, he not only became an institution in Münster, but also a good friend to many.

In front of a large audience, Professor Schöler expressed his gratitude for the honour: “I am very happy to have received this award! It shows that the Max Planck Institute is highly valued in this wonderful city.”

In his acceptance speech, he returned the praise, to the city and to individuals: “In the same way that stem cells need a so-called niche in order to display their effect, natural scientists require a suitable environment in which to be productive. This is true of my colleagues at the Max Planck Institute in the same way as for my colleagues at the university.”

Professor Schöler gave special thanks to Professor Thomas Sternberg, the former Lord Mayor Dr. Berthold Tillmann, the incumbent Lord Mayor Markus Lewe, the former city director Hartwig Schultheiß and the former headmaster of the school Gymnasium Paulinum Dr. Gerd Grave, as examples of the culture of welcome, trust and commitment that he experienced. “It is inspiring,” Schöler said, “and after only a short time in Münster, I asked myself: What can I do for this wonderful city?”

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