CITY CYCLING: with 8,552 kilometers, the Max Planck Institute team finishes 24th in the Münster ranking

41 active cyclists saved 1,257 kg CO2 - front runner achieved 821.1 kilometers

September 17, 2020

For the Climate Alliance's CITY CYCLING campaign, a total of 41 employees collected as many everyday kilometers by bicycle as possible for three weeks and, with 8,552 kilometers, took 24th place in Münster. Front runner was Stefan Volkery with 821.1 kilometers, followed by Ceren Günes with 466.5 kilometers and Georg Bleker with 443 kilometers.

In the period from August 5 to 25, a team from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) took part in the CITY CYCLING campaign to cycle as many everyday routes as possible in a climate-friendly way in order to make a contribution to climate protection and perhaps even win something. Or simply to discover the fun of cycling.

The MPI team took 24th place with a total of 8,552 kilometers – 342 teams were in the race in Münster. In terms of kilometers ridden per person, the MPI team is in 141st place with 209 kilometers per person. With the kilometers ridden, the MPI team saved a total of 1,257 kg of CO2.

More than 4,000 cyclists took part in the CITY CYCLING campaign in Münster, covering a total of more than 900,000 kilometers by bike and thus saving 134 tons of CO2.

With its international competition CITY CYCLING, the Climate Alliance invites all citizens and members of local parliaments every year to pedal and set an example for increased promotion of cycling. The campaign aims to sensitise citizens for cycling in everyday life and to introduce the topics of bicycle use and bicycle traffic planning more strongly into the local parliaments.

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