Computational Biology and Systems Biomedicine

Marcos J. Araúzo-Bravo, PhD

Research focus
In our laboratory we develop computer tools to help understand the mechanism underlying genetic regulatory networks of the toti-, pluripotential stem cells and reprogrammed cells. We are implementing an integrative approach to elucidate the cross-talk of the main pluripotency players on the molecular level, and to provide answers to the remaining questions concerning the reprogramming mechanisms. The approach is based on collecting measurements of different nature (gene expression, microRNA expression, epigenetic profiles, protein abundance, metabolic measurements) performed in a holistic way using high-throughput techniques. We combine our own measurements with data compiled from databases.

Among the topics we are currently researching are:

  • An initio prediction of transcription factors binding motifs.
  • DNA recognition by combinatorial rules of transcription factors.
  • DNA recognition by drugs.
  • Prediction of DNA methylation motifs.
  • Development of computational tools for meta analysis of transcriptomics data.
  • Development of computational tools for processing of Next Generation Sequencing data.

Further information

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